Ear Infections

If you're reading this then you know a child with ear pain that has probably been diagnosed with an "ear infection" by a doctor. Perhaps this child is on a round of "Antibiotics". Or their second round. Or third or fourth. Perhaps "Tubes" are being recommended next.

Middle ear "infections" can be bacterial, viral (more common) or inflammatory (very common). If the child has a fever, this is a normal response by the child's body to kill any bacteria or virus present and stimulates the immune system. If the child was given an antibiotic, the assumption, and I do mean assumption, is that the child has a "bacterial" ear infection, not a viral infection. Note that an antibiotic does not help with a viral infection nor does it help to reduce inflammation, the two most common causes of ear "infection" and pain. Also note that a viral infection and inflammation can give the child the same symptoms as a bacterial infection (ie. pain, redness, swelling and fever). If the child has a viral infection and the child gets antibiotics, the antibiotics will do nothing but kill good bacteria in the child's body which you don't want to happen. Unfortunately in America, most children get a diagnosis of bacterial ear infection even when it's not bacterial. The doctor then writes a prescription for antibiotics. Right or wrong, this makes the adults happy. Research by the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dec 1991, shows that children that get antibiotics for ear infections have a 2 to 6 times greater chance of having more recurring ear fluid and pain afterward.

If your child was diagnosed with an ear infection, how was the ear infection diagnosed? Was a culture done to verify bacteria is present? This is the only clinical way to know if it's bacterial. Did the doctor look in the ear with an Otoscope, see redness, a swollen ear drum, some fluid, and tell you it's an ear infection and give your child antibiotics?

Are you ready for the TRUTH about ear infections?

Let me begin by making this clear... I do not treat ear infections!!! I treat the cause of ear infections. Every ear infection has a cause for that infection and has a simple, natural solution. Medicine and the drug companies make too much money to recommend any natural solutions. You probably agree with me on that. I have been treating (adjusting) children for over 20 years. I have counted the number of children I have treated that specifically had ear infections for the past 5 years. That number is 32 as of this writing (9/27/13). I have eliminated the ear infections in all thirty two. I am 100% on getting rid of ear infections. Every single child got better. And it was done with no medication or surgery. That sounds amazing, and it is! How do I do this?

First, let's look at the anatomy of the inner ear of a child.

All cells of the body have fluids entering and exiting them all the time. The fluid is free to move to wherever it needs to go. This is natural for the entire body as well as the middle ear. However, the middle ear (red area) is a cavity, an enclosed space completely surrounded by bone and the ear drum (Tympanic Membrane - dark green area). The middle or inner ear contains the hearing organ known as the Cochlea, and the balance organ known as the Semi-circular canals and Vestibule (purple area). The cells in the middle ear make and release fluid. So the fluid must drain out of the middle ear or it will build up. The structure that drains the middle ear down the back of throat is called the Eustation Tube (red tube area). When the eustation tube is open, the middle ear drains and there won't be any problems. However, if the eustation tube were to collapse or close down for some reason, the fluids would have no escape and would begin to build in the middle ear behind the ear drum. With enough build up, a child would begin feeling pain. If left alone without drainage by the eustation tube, it could just get worse and worse.

What causes the eustation tube to close down?

It is critical that the eustation tube remain open for normal drainage of fluids. If it closes down, there is a reason. In my experience, the reason for a collapsed eustation tube and ear infection in a child (and most adults I might add) is a spinal condition called Subluxation . This is a common condition that pediatricians aren't trained to diagnose nor treat. Children are very sensitive to this spinal condition, especially if it occurs at the first or second cervical vertebrae known as the Atlas and Axis. If one or both of these vertebrae are subluxated, the lymphatic drainage and the eustation tube close down usually on one side but can occur bilaterally. It is unclear whether the collapsed eustation tube is caused by mechanical malposition of the vertebrae, or by neurological interference or both. This collapse of the eustation tube causes a buildup of fluids in the middle ear and this is when pediatricians recommend that "tubes" be inserted into the ear drum to drain the inner ear when anti-biotics don't work. Tubes inserted are a surgical procedure with potential negative side effects.

What is the safe and natural solution to ear infections?

I want to educate you about the causes of health problems in children and adults. Medical doctors focus on the symptom and not the cause of the symptom. Chiropractic care focuses on the cause of the symptom. Finding and eliminating the cause usually eliminates the health problem. Americans rely too much on medicine. Medicine tends to kill things like pain and bacteria which can be good, but does it fix the cause of these problems? No! It masks symptoms. Did you know that antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad? Antibiotics don't know the difference. Our bodies are full of necessary good bacteria. Antibiotics kill good bacteria and upset the normal balance of bacteria in the body. You must keep your good bacteria alive. This is why, for example, many women that take antibiotics, get a yeast infection. It kills off the good bacteria that keeps yeast at the correct levels in your body. We need to work with nature and keep things logical and simple.

Ok, back to the natural solution for ear infections. Every child that I have examined with an ear "infection" had a condition called Subluxation . This is when a spinal vertebrae is out of a normal alignment. This is a non-painful condition. However, this does affect the nerve exiting the spine causing "Nerve Interference". This nerve interference causes the tissues that the nerve controls to malfunction (collapse of eustation tube). When the eustation tube collapses or closes down, the fluids cannot escape from the inner ear. The child at this point may feel a clog or soreness in the ear. They may start tugging the ear. As more time goes by and more fluid builds, the pain begins to get worse and worse. This is when moms and dads bring their children to their pediatrician for help. The problem, is most of the medication and antibiotics they prescribe don't help much or not at all because it is just the wrong treatment. Even if your child does have a bacterial ear infection, the cause of the infection is a closed eustation tube. If the tube is open, the inner ear will drain normally and no infection will exist. Antibiotics do not open the eustation tube. In fact, all the current medical research is showing that children who get antibiotics have more ear infections and other health problems than children that don't take them.

How do we open the eustation tube?

The cause of ear infections is a closed eustation tube which prevents drainage of the inner ear. So the solution is to open it up so the fluids can drain. When ear infections persist, pediatricians often recommend "Tubes" in the ears. Which is a surgical procedure with potential negative effects. It inserting tubes is potentially damaging to the child, why do they recommend tubes? TO DRAIN THE INNER EAR!!! This is the procedure they utilize because they don't know how to open the eustation tube which naturally drains the inner ear. There is a safe, simple and natural solution to opening the eustation tube which I've been doing for over 20 years. After careful analysis of the upper cervical spine, I gently align the spinal vertebrae with my hands or an adjusting instrument. This begins the process of opening the eustation tube which allows the inner ear to drain it's nasty contents and for the infection to go away naturally, the way God designed it. Again, if you find the cause of a problem and eliminate it, the problem will go away naturally.

How we treat a child with an ear infection.

I treat children with extreme care. First, I will consult with you, the parent, to find out about the birthing process and any falls or injuries the child may have sustained since delivery. Next, I will exam the child with posture (if they are walking) and spinal analysis as the main focus. Although X-rays are an option, I rarely take films of young children. If spinal Subluxation is found, I will begin gentle spinal adjustments, which aren't painful to the child, the same day. This very first adjustment will start the child on the road to good health without ear infections. Note there are no prescriptions, no medications, no drugs, no shots, no discomfort, no dangers and no side effects to this care. I also want you to know that a Subluxation of the first or second cervical vertebrae, known as the Atlas and Axis, can cause a myriad of other health problems in a child such as Colic, Asthma and Allergies, Colds and a weakened immune system. An ear infection is just one of the common problems caused by Subluxation that I see regularly in my office.

My hope is that when you understand the truth about ear infections, you'll bring your child in for gentle, effective chiropractic care. And when your child does come in for care and we do actually get rid of your childs "ear infection" naturally, that you will tell others about us so we may help their children as well.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you and your child soon.
For better family health,

Dr. Christopher Moss

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